About Me

I love to eat and drink. And I’m good at it. And in my job, I am surrounded by it. After many years in the restaurant business I have developed unbelievably picky standards by which I measure others in the same line of work as me. Please, don’t try this at home…

I am not a restaurant reviewer, I am a restaurant critic. The difference, in my mind at least, is that I analyze tiny facets of restaurant operations, but not always the overall operation. I cannot, in good conscience, slam a place that has decent food and service because they have cobwebs in the corners; but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice. Indeed, it is sometimes these little quirks that can be the most endearing quailities of a place: the cranky, yet charming Maitre’D or waiter, or the tiny Chinese restaurant where you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom (wait, that’s all of them isn’t it?).

I have done every possible job there is to do in a restaurant. I have been dishwasher, busboy, cook, sous-chef, Executive Chef, waiter, bartender, Maitre’D, Sommelier, assistant manager, and GM. The only thing I haven’t been is an Owner. I might be dumb, but I’m not crazy.

I have worked for and with some of the best in the business in many different parts of the country, and learned well what they had to teach; so excuse me if I seem cocky and think I know what I am talking about, because I do.  The stories about things I have seen and done are true. The rest is my opinion.


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