"Happy Uh-Easter…"

My favorite and, possibly only, Easter joke, with the exception of the one about why Jesus can’t eat M&M’s (because they keep falling through the holes…):

There are these three Italian guys, discussing the meaning of Easter.

Pasquale says: ” Okay, Easter issa when you gettah this biggah Easter Tree, and you puttah alla you Easter presents under it.  Then, onnah Easter Morning, you open alla da presents…”

Giuseppe interrupts and says:  “No, no, Pasquale.  Thatsa  Crissmus.  Easter issa when you getta bigga Easter turkey, and have the bigga Easter dinner…”

Giovanni says:  “No, no, no, Giusep, you dummy.  Thatsa Thanksagibbin’.  Letta me tella you about Easter.  Easter is about whenna there was thissa guy, Jesus-uh Christ.  He wassa crucified, he died, and they bury him inna tomb covered with thissa bigga rock.  Anna after three days, he rolla the rock back, comes out anna sees his shadow, anna we have six-uh more weeksah winter…”


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