"Oh yes I did, girl…"

Here’s a link to one of my favorite blogs about the restaurant business, “In The Weeds”.  Although the author now has a “real job” and doesn’t post as often as I or the thousands of her other readers would like, she can still sling it with the best of us….

“In The Weeds” is on the Froth Girlz site…

In her latest post, CJ talks about a recent dinner out, on a Saturday night, no less.  Like most of us in “The Biz”, she is a little on edge to start with (looking at the picture of the table they tried to foist on her party will help you understand why).

Going out to dinner on a Saturday makes most of us a little more than uptight, especially if we are dining somewhere “foreign”, where we are not assured of comped wine, appetizers and/or dessert because we know the Chef, the owner, the Manager, used to work there, whatever.  No, when we are plunking down real dough, it’s a rare comfort to discover that your server is as good or better than you are.  Being able to relax and get out of that “If I Were Waiting on Us, Here’s What I’d Be Doing” mode is a pleasure not experienced often enough.

Anyway, read her post, and then I’d encourage you to delve into her archives (ooh, that sounds kinda dirty) for more…


4 Responses to "Oh yes I did, girl…"

  1. FrothygirlzCJ says:

    Wow! Such flattery! A whole post dedicated to “moi?” You can delve into my archives anytime!

    P.S. You couldn’t imagine how thrilled I was to find a photo of the actual fun house table posted on their web site! And yeah, we plunked down some serious “no connections” dough.

  2. Taz says:

    Tried to follow the link, but got a Reported Attack Page! warning panel – if you’ve got a way to talk to In The Weeds and/or FrothyGirlz, you’ll want to notify them, so they can look into it…

    Been to In The Weeds before – interesting site, BTW – and never had a problem until now. Same thing happens when I try to use my own (bookmarked) link.

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