"Can't Live With 'Em; Can't Shoot 'Em…"

To borrow a line from our friend, The Only Slightly Cranky Waitress, sometimes people don’t suck…

We had a deuce in last night, a young couple visiting from Canada, who wanted to see the kitchen, maybe talk to the guys about our Sous-Vide cooking methods on Chef’s “Truffled Soft Poached Egg with Truffled Brioche” as they are indulging in our Annual All-Black Truffle Menu.  So we walk them back there between courses, show them the rig, and they are chatting with our Sous-Chef about this and that.  It was kind of a quiet night, so I offered to move them to the Chef’s Table in the kitchen for the rest of their meal (four courses to go).

They were absolutely thrilled to be in there, had such a great time; and the woman, on her way to the loo, stopped me in the foyer and tried to relate to me just how great a time they were having with halting phrases like, “This is just so..”  and “I can’t even begin to tell you…” as her eyes were tearing up, voice cracking a bit.  I think her good time and five courses of wine pairings were starting to get to her, but it was just so damn cute.  They finished up, thanked everyone profusely, and left a nice bump for their server.  Hey, if you’re getting Cash Love from the Canadians, you must be doing something right.  It’s always gratifying to have people respond to, and appreciate, genuine hospitality; but a Franklin across the palm is nice, too.

…but then again, sometimes they do suck:

Night before last, we had an older four top in that orders pre-dinner cocktails and tells their server several times, “We’re not ready to order yet.”  Fine.  After 45 minutes of conversation and drinking on an empty stomach, they finally pick up their menus and order.  Not five minutes later I am called to their table to hear one of the women complain, through her lipstick-stained teeth, that  “We’ve been here over an hour, and we haven’t even had our first course yet!”

Where’s my gun?


One Response to "Can't Live With 'Em; Can't Shoot 'Em…"

  1. Steven says:

    Sometimes we just got to take the good with the bad..

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