"This Lil' Piggy…"

Almost time for the Super Bowl feeding frenzy.  It’s like Thanksgiving, except with Junk Food.

One of my favorite guilty pleasures for Super Bowl is Lil’ Smokies (and was there ever a better product name, ever?).  The Pigs in A Blanket presentation is a classic but my (secret) favorite is the Warmed in Bottled BBQ Sauce preparation.  That is some Whisky Tango snackin’, y’all…

Disclaimer:  I have no affiliation with Hillshire Farms; but if they want to send me some free shit for posting their picture, I’m down wit’dat.

Go Saints!!

M-m-m-m.  Sausages...

Pigs In A Blanket, yo...

Lil Smokies

M-m-m-m. Sulphur Dioxide...


3 Responses to "This Lil' Piggy…"

  1. elsbeth says:

    shouldn’t that be Geaux Saints? 🙂

  2. SkippyMom says:

    OH we LOVE these – we use Pillsbury crescent rolls. When you unroll them cut each roll into 3rds and wrap a smokie in them. Cook according to crescent directions.

    Spicy mustard for us. YUM!

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