"Treated to a Trick"

Just got a flyer in the mail for the Halloween Warehouse and I’m wondering what will be the most popular costume with women this year?  Will it be the Slutty Nurse, Slutty Policewoman, Slutty FBI Agent, Slutty Firefighter, Slutty Prison Guard, Slutty Prisoner, Slutty Witch, Slutty Vampire, Slutty Fortune Teller (listed as “Rosie the Palm Reader”), Slutty Raggedy Ann, Slutty Spongebob, Slutty Mermaid,  Slutty Devil, Slutty Angel, Slutty Soldier, Slutty Sailor, Slutty Pirate, Slutty Gangster, Slutty Eskimo, Slutty Indian Princess, Slutty Gypsy, Slutty Renaissance Wench, Slutty Geisha, Slutty Fairy, Slutty Cat, Slutty Catwoman, Slutty Supergirl, Slutty French Maid, Slutty German Hof Brau Beer Wench, Slutty Bell Hop, Slutty Barmaid, Slutty Chef (new this year, thank you  Rachel Ray!), Slutty Schoolgirl, Slutty Cheerleader, Slutty Marching Band, Slutty Ballplayer, Slutty Referee, Slutty Freddy Kruger, Slutty Nun (does she come with her own yardstick; ooh kink KEE!), Slutty Cowgirl, Slutty Race Car Driver (skin tight jumpsuit and the helmet is purple), Slutty Eve, Slutty Marilyn Monroe (redundant), Slutty Pebbles Flintstone, Slutty Snow White, Slutty Dorothy, Slutty Cowardly Lion, Slutty Goldilocks, Slutty Minnie Mouse, Slutty Little Red Riding Hood,  or the Slutty Baby, complete with bottle and diaper with garter belts?


One Response to "Treated to a Trick"

  1. Carole Loomis says:

    You should get some readership with that tag!

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