Once more into the breach…

I am taking a break from working and blogging this week, as we are on vacation. SNMT will return next week with some food, wine and restaurant experiences from the Happiest Goddamn Place on Earth and elsewhere.

But for now, I will join my fellow “Zombie Dads”, walking the halls and lobbies of the Disney Hotels at 7:00am. We are in our “Disney Dad” uniforms: polo shirts, cargo shorts, running shoes with short socks, and our $25 Disney-logo ball caps.  You can tell how many days any one of us has been here by the glassiness of our eyes and the intensity of our “1000 yard stare”.  We shuffle along with our free coffee and a USA Today under our arm, having stealthily left our rooms without waking the family.  We are all just looking for that elusive bit of quiet (besides the bathroom) before heading back into battle. Just a little personal space to read about how bad our teams got beat yesterday, ingest as much caffeine as possible, and try to steel ourselves for the day’s assault on our senses and our wallets.


2 Responses to Once more into the breach…

  1. waiternotes says:

    Welcome back to SoCal! Coincidentally, I’ll be in Anaheim tonight as well. Email me if you want to meet my wife and I for a drink – and to find out if we’re really the same person.

    • nativenapkin says:

      Temporal prime directive says we should avoid such a meeting although it would be fun. That and the fact that my wife made plans already..
      Thanks for the invite and hopefully this won’t be our last opportunity. Keep writing, as will I.

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