"It's a long shot, Professor, but it just might work…"

Started in on a serious bout of Sunday house cleaning today, prepping the casa for a possible house-sitter situation while we are gone on vacation for eight days. My wife correctly decided that this was the type of job that runs on cocktails but, alas, the mixing cupboard is bare. We are partial to Tanq and Tonics with a splash of pink grapefruit (fresh). Gin, check. Tonic, check. Grapefruit, crap…

As the big shopping venture was still a couple of hours and a concisely compiled shopping list away, I decided we had to make do. Let’s see what’s in the fridge to flavor this puppy up a little: some strawberry jam? Nah, too wierd. “We have some huumus, honey”, I called out to the other room. She was rolling her eyes. I didn’t even have to see her to know. Okay, let’s get serious, that floor is not going to mop itself.

We had purchased a very good honey dew melon at Whole Foods about three days earlier, and still had about a dozen or so large cubes in a tupperware thingy in the fridge, marinating nicely in it’s own juices. I usually eschew the store-boughts when it comes to melons, having been spoiled by my Dad’s melon patch every summer, but this one was actually very sweet and flavorful. It had almost become one of those forgotten tupperware thingys that get shoved to the back of the fridge to begin a flourishing career growing fuzz. This one, however, will get it’s chance to serve a higher purpose.

So, I’ve got the melon, the gin, the tonic. Out to the garden for a little mint that had spontaneously sprouted (the strangest things happen when you water…). Puree the melon with some julienned mint, added it to the shaker with some ice, the gin and gave it the old Cha-Cha-Cha. Hm-m-m. Needs something. I had put the last of our sugar into my last cup of coffee (I told you the cupboard was bare) that morning; but there is this plastic container with some simple syrup I had boiled for the Hummingbird Feeder about a week earlier, left on the stove in a pan to cool for, oh, about five days, until my wife said will you please put that shit away. Sorry Hummers. Again, a higher calling will be served.

So a little simple (hummingbird) syrup, a splash of Ginger Beer, squeeze of lime. Pretty damn good for a “Survival Skills” cocktail.

I think I’ll call it the “Ginger Grant” because it has nice melon(s). Next house cleaning, “The Maryanne”.

The movie star and

The movie star and "the rest"...


3 Responses to "It's a long shot, Professor, but it just might work…"

  1. waiternotes says:

    We are leading dual, parallel, competing lives. I, too, have dubbed an original cocktail the ‘Ginger Grant.’ Mine has no melons. Instead, add to a cocktail shaker finely chopped fresh ginger, lime, and sugar. Muddle well. Add the ice, gin (of course), and a dash of bitters. It’s nice to garnish with a scored disc of fresh ginger.

    Now to think of the angle why I call it the Ginger Grant . . .

    • nativenapkin says:

      Yes, the Ginger Grant; the parallel Honda’s back in the 80’s, one going north, the other south; pretty spooky. We should be careful to never meet lest we rend the fabric of the Space-Time continuum or some such thing.

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